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Roundtrips | Experience eastern Venezuela

During this round trip we visit the most beautiful and most interesting places in eastern Venezuela. The Gran Sabana, the Angel Falls (the highest waterfall in the world), the Orinoco Delta and the popular, by Alexander von Humboldt discovered, Guacharo Cave make this trip to a unique adventure.

Day 1: Maiquetia (Caracas) - Puerto Ordaz (-, -, -)

Welcome at the international airport in Caracas, flight to Ciudad Bolivar, welcome cocktail and Briefing. The overnight stay is in the beautiful Hostería Waipa in Puerto Ordaz.

Day 2: Puerto Ordaz - Manacas (B, L, D)

We start at 8 am in Ciudad Bolivar heading to Las Claritas.
We pass traditional villages like Guasipati, Tumeremo and the legendary El Dorado where we visit the bridge of Gustav Eiffel. In the afternoon we visit on of the gold mines in Las Claritas. Our accommodation is in double rooms at Camp Mantopai.

Day 3: Manacas - Mantopai (B, L, D)

After breakfast we go the the indigenous village Iboribo. From there it is just 20 minutes by dugout at the Aponwao river to the Aponwao waterfall (Chinak Meru). It is a great view how this huge amount of water feeds the 107m high waterfall. After taking pictures we drive back to the village. Later after lunch we visit the mission in Kavanayen the fathers teach the Indians to improve their agricultural techniques. For the last part of the way to Mantopai a 4WD car is a have-to! The tricky path can only be done by professional drivers. The whole way is covered by orchids and carnivore plants, similar the top of the surrounding table-top mountains. The Camp Mantopai is next to the river Karuai on the base of the table-top mountain Soropan.
Dinner and overnight stay is here in Camp Mantopai one of the most beautiful camps in the Gran Sabana.

Day 4: Mantopai (B, L, D)

After breakfast we start together with a local guide a jungle walk for 3 hours. He explains the medical plants, hunting techniques and we visit the farm area where the Indians plant fruits and vegetables, and brew their typical beer. With some luck we see snakes, a lot of different kind of birds, rodents, tapirs or apes. The lunch is at the camp and afterward we can rest for one hour. In the afternoon we explore the Karuai river, enjoy a natural water slide and watch a small waterfall just 15 minutes next to the camp. Many carnivore plants and orchids grow at the bank of the river. The overnight stay is again at Camp Mantopai.

Day 5: Mantopai - Santa Elena de Uairen - Ciudad Bolivar (B, L, D)

After breakfast we leave Mantopai and continue our tour via the Panamericana road to the Kawi waterfall. Here we can take a bath and jump from an 8 m high cliff into the water. Later we visit a viewpoint to the table-top mountains and we will have lunch at the indigenous village San Francisco de Yuruani. The next event is the La Cortina waterfall.
Water level permitting we go behind this waterfall until the middle of La Cortina. An adrenalin pushing adventure! At last we visit the famous waterfall Quebrada de Jaspe. The whole riverbed is read shiny Jaspe stone and is a perfect camera occasion.  Take the night bus from Santa Elena a Ciudad Bolivar.

Day 6: Ciudad Bolívar (-, -, D)

Arrival in Ciudad Bolívar and transfer to the Posada La Casita. If you want you can visit the centre of the Colonial town or relax at the pool. Overnight stay in the Posada La Casita with dinner and breakfast.

Day 7: Ciudad Bolivar - Canaima (B, L, D)

In the morning we leave Ciudad Bolivar in a small 5-seat Cessna.
During the flight we have a fantastic view to the table top mountains . After arrival we cross the famous Canaima lagoon by dugout. This lagoon is fed by five waterfalls. It is a great photo opportunity. In the afternoon we walk just 20 minutes and reach Salto Sapo. We can walk behind this waterfall. For this we need bathing suits because we will get wet! Our overnight stay is in beds in a camp opposite the Canaima lagoon. Here we also have our dinner.

Day 8: Canaima - Angel Fall (B, L, D)

Today we drive by boat via river Carrao to the Angel Fall. It depends on the water level, but usually the drive is for 4 hours. In dry season it can happen that the guide has to leave and push the dugout at some rocks. We get an unbelievable impression of Auyan-Tepuy when we reach the devil-canyon. After the drive we walk for about 90 minutes to a Angel Falls viewpoint. Incredible standing under the highest waterfall in the world! At lunch time we eat fried chicken at the banks of the Carrao river. We stay overnight in a camp with hammocks with view to the Angel Falls.

Day 9: Salto Angel - Ciudad Bolivar (B, L, -)

After breakfast we take a morning picture and start our way back to Canaima for the flight to  Ciudad Bolivar. Pickup and overnight stay in Posada La Casita.

Day 10: Ciudad Bolivar - - Orinoco delta (B, L, D)

Very early in morning we drive from Ciudad Bolivar. From the comfort of our boat you have the chance (with a little luck) to observe a wide variety of flora and fauna - water hyacinth, pink dolphins, giant river otters, anacondas, and side neck turtles. Along the riverbanks you will see Indian villages. Upon arrival at the Camp you will be shown to your private rooms. After lunch you will experience the wild, natural habitat of the virgin jungle from inside of a small wooden canoe.  When you return to the camp, you will be able to relax before dinner. If you wish, you may take a swim in the river (in winter time, when there are not so many Piranhas), or just sit and observe one of the fabulous delta sunsets. After a delicious dinner you will have the chance of enjoying the silence of the Orinoco river and listen to the dolphins, some days playing in front of the place.

Day 11: Orinoco delta (B, L, D)

The morning will see you navigate the Orinoco in search of the various species that live there - among the highlights are river dolphins and spectacled caiman in the water, capuchin and red howler monkeys up in the dense foliage, hummingbirds and kingfishers in the skies above.  After lunch on a beautiful spot inside the Delta, it’s back into the boats for a trip to some of the Warao villages (palafitos) that line the riverbanks in this part of the Orinoco. Your guide will explain about Warao culture, and the flow of the community's daily life – a truly fascinating experience. In the afternoon, just before returning we make a stopover to pick up our dinner. We will go out to a quiet spot in the river to do some Caribe fishing (this is the Venezuelan name for the Piranhas). Back to camp and another evening trip around the lagoon we will have a special dinner and wait for the nightfall.

Day 12: Orinoco delta - Caripe (B, L, -)

At daybreak we go along the channels of the Delta to watch and hear awake the jungle. This is the time of day when the animals are most active facilitating observation. After having breakfast we make another roundtrip to places we haven't seen before and to learn everything about the flora of the delta.
After another delicious lunch, we take our boat back to our transportation.

Day 13: Caripe - Playa Puipuy (B, -)

After breakfast we visit the famous Guacharo Cave again. Only 11 km are explored so far, the real size is sill unknown. Unique by the amount of here living Fettschwalme, called "Los Guacharos".
These birds navigate by ultra-sonic, are the only vegetarian night birds and only live in this cave. This cave is also the hugest stalactite cavern of South America. 200 hundred years ago Alexander von Humboldt discovered this cave, and even Alfred Hitchcock send a team to this cave for the soundtrack of "The birds". After visiting the cave and lunch in a typical but very good restaurant we walk for just 1 km through tropical forest to the waterfall "La Paila". Afterwards we visit the beautiful village Caripe which is also called  "el jardin del oriente" ("the garden of the east"). In the afternoon we drive through cloud forest to the coast of Carupano, where we stay in the comfortable Posada Nena directly at the beach. Spending more nights at Posada Nena always possible..

Day 14: Puipuy - Cumana (B, -)

Today we discover the untouched Paria peninsula, where the time stopped one-hundred years ago. To heat our senses, as the phase says, we visit the thermal springs of El Pilar. This melting pot of nature with its sulfur ambient reminds us of Faust "Witch hubbub". We get a late breakfast and boil eggs. Afterwards we visit the buffalo ranch "Rio de Agua" in the savannah of the gulf of Paria. . Then we follow the beautiful roadt via Bohordal through primary forest with immense bamboos grove until we reach "Playa Medina". Here we rest and spend some time. In the afternoon we visit the cacao hacienda "Bukare", where the owner explains how to increase the quality of cacao in a natural way. We are invited to learn the secrets of making cacao. On our way back to Posada Nena we pass the colonial village Rio Caribe and drive along the beautiful coast road.

Day 15: Cumana - Caracas (B, -, -)

After breakfast we a brought to the airport of Cumana and enter our plane to Maiquetia to get the international flight.

Photos... (You will find more photos in our Photo Gallery)

Angel Fall / Salto Angel Salto Sapo
Highlights of eastern Venezuela
Key information:
Number of days: 15
Price per person: 1.940,- EUR
Level of difficulty:
(1 = easy  5=difficult)
Minimum 2 persons required.

What's included:
Flight ticket
Bus tickets
Covered boot with outboard engine
Transport by Toyota 4WD
4 nights in hammocks and 10 nights in comfortable camps and hotels
Professional guide, bilingual
Thirteen times breakfast, nine times lunch, and nine times dinner
All excursions as per itinerary
What to bring:

insect repellent
sun protection
swim wear
light clothing
good walking shoes
pocket knife

Other info:

We also provide a pick up service or assistance at the international airport in Caracas or Porlamar (Isla de Margarita).

Furthermore we have printable travel brochures for you.

Recommended books:

Recommended Travel map from Int. Travel maps,, ISBN 0-921-46359-6

Guidebooks from Lonely planet, Footprint or Bradt Travel Guide

"into the heart" an Amazon love story from Kenneth Good ISBN 0-241-12792-0. One of the most fascinating books I read over a anthropologist who felt in love with a Yanomami woman in the unexplored Amazon jungle. Read it!!!

"The lost world", Arthur Conan Doyle, ISBN 0-812-97213-9


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