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Tours | Los Llanos Casa Vieja Tour

Wildlifesafari in Los Llanos

In the water holes of the flat landscape of the Llanos spectacle caimans are moving from one place to the other as well as different kinds of turtles and capybaras. Giant Anteaters and Tamanduas become more active after the sunset when they are looking for insects. In one place or the other an Anaconda moves smoothly on the street. And Orinoco dolphins and piranhas swim in the rivers. Los Llanos in Venezuela is the best wildlife watching in Central and South America. Los Llanos is also a birdwatcher paradise.

We offer two different tours in the Llanos:

1. The incomparable Casa Vieja Tour with the ecological station of Hato el Cedral
2. The Low Buget Tour which offers a great image of the Venezuelan Llanos

Day 1:

 The most scenic highway of Venezuela leads through colonial-styled Andean communities. We have a visit to a stone-built chapel made by Juan Felix Sánchez (UNESCO cultural heritage) and to the condor station. Then we ascend up to 4200 meters to the Eagle Pass. In the obscure environment of the Paramo its typical plants called Frailejones grow up to three meters high. From the glacier lake of Mucubaji we hike to the Laguna Negra. After the hike we eat a fresh trout fried in garlic.

Afterwards we descend along the outer ridge of the Andes passing various vegetation zones, like Paramo, Dwarf Forest, and subtropical rainforest up to the colonial-styled village of Altamira. Here we will lodge at a colonial, well-equipped mansion which is located at the center of the community, the Plaza Bolivar, with having a delicious dinner. Lodge: Posada Altamira

Day 2:

After breakfast we depart to the Llanos and arrive at Hato El Cedral (typical Llanos farm) at lunchtime. Its property of about 56000 hectares includes both a cattle ranch and a resort where many of the protected animals of the Llanos live such as caimans, capybaras, turtles and iguanas. After lunch you have the opportunity to start a tour that allows you to watch those animals in the savanna as well as up to 300 different bird species of which the most distinctive are the Purple Ibis, the Roseate Spoonbill, the Jaribu Stork, macaws and parrot, eagles, and owls. Even in the rain period you have got good chances to trace the Tamandua, the Little Anteater as well as the Giant Anteater. The Anaconda, the world’s biggest serpent, is used to show up as well. On our excursions we already have found some exemplars of more than about 7 m of length. Ranch: Hato el Cedral

Day 3:

Early in the morning we go for a short hike for watching some macaws and parrots. At 8:00 am we have a rich breakfast. Then we will go for a boat ride where we will observe some pink fresh water dolphins. The Cano Matiyure and the Cano Caicara side rivers which flow across the grounds of Hato El Cedral seem to be tempting on rare bird species such as the Agami Heron as well as on many different raptor species. Also caimans, crocodiles and capybaras encounter in and around the water. At midday we return to Mérida by bus if you not desire to get off in Barinas to connect with airplane or bus for further destinations. At Hato el Cedral you get very close to the animals, that’s why cameras with a low zooming objective are sufficient enough to be able to get some excellent wildlife shots.

Tours | Los Llanos 1. Low Butget Tour

After breakfast we go for a 1-2 hour hike through the foothill scenery - like a tropical rainforest - with the majestic Sierra Nevada in the background. Afterwards we are tubing down the Acequias River for 1 - 2 hours This river is one of the cleanest and most scenic in all Venezuela. For lunch we return to the Arassari Trek adventure camp. In the afternoon we return to Barinas, where we arrive about 03:00 pm and to Merida where we arrive about 08:00 pm.

Day 1:

Transfer from the city of Barinas into the heart of Los Llanos. Lunch in the camp, in the afternoon boat trip on a lonely side arm of Caño Guaritico River. There we are going to see fresh water dolphins.

Day 2:

In the morning we do a jeep safari through the grass land to observe spectacled caimans, capybaras, turtles, and with some luck as well anacondas and giant anteaters. In the afternoon we do a trip on horseback.

Day 3:

This day we will concentrate on the animals we haven’t seen jet and do an other safari or boat excursion. Also we will have time to fish piranhas and have them then later for dinner

Day 4:

In the morning we do another short safari, after that we drive back to Barinas, from where you can continue to Mérida or another part of the country.

Tip: this tour combines perfectly with a full day in the Páramo and accommodation in the beautyfull colonial village of Altamira de Cáceres.


Photos... (You will find more photos in our Photo Gallery)

Los Llanos Capibara
Los Llanos Los Llanos Anaconda
Caiman Los Llanos


Los Llanos
Key information:
Number of days: 4 y 3 días
Price per person: Casa vieja of Hato Cedral 280,- EUR
Price per person: Low Butget Tour 270 Euro / Person (2 or 3 guests)
200 Euro / Person (4 or more guests)
Level of difficulty:
(1=easy  5=difficult)
Minimum 5 persons required
What's included:
Jeep and boat safari
Trip on horseback
Accommodation in basic hammock camp
Food (meals and soft drinks)
professional guide
What to bring:

insect repellent
sun protection
swim wear
light clothing
good walking shoes
pocket knife

How to get to Merida:

From Caracas to Vigia fly Conviasa, Santa Barbara (150,- $US one way). Bus connection from Caracas (12h), Ciudad Bolivar (16h) and Puerto Ordaz (17h). We recommend the comfortable busses from Expresos Occidente, Los Llanos and Caribe. If not available you can also use "Turgar" or "San Cristobal".

Other info:

This is a roundtrip tour. We always try to avoid to have 2 groups at the same time at the same place. The tour can be done the other way round too (starting at the Arassari trek adventure camp). It will always be the same just in another order. This specific llanos tour is only available at Arassari Trek.

We also provide a pick up service or assistance at the international airport in Caracas or Porlamar (Isla de Margarita).

Furthermore we have printable travel brochures for you.

Recommended books:

Recommended Travel map from Int. Travel maps,, ISBN 0-921-46359-6

Guidebooks from Lonely planet, Footprint or Bradt Travel Guide

"into the heart" an Amazon love story from Kenneth Good ISBN 0-241-12792-0. One of the most fascinating books I read over a anthropologist who felt in love with a Yanomami woman in the unexplored Amazon jungle. Read it!!!

"The lost world", Arthur Conan Doyle, ISBN 0-812-97213-9


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