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We have some movie clips of some of our trips to give you a flavor of what it will be like!



To save the movie on to your computer:
Right-click your mouse over the icon and select "save target as..." from the menu that appears.  This will then let you choose where on your computer to save the movie file. Click Save/OK.


To view the movie now:
Simply click on the icon. You will need to have Windows Media Player or a similar program installed on your computer in order to play the movie.

Video Clip:
Roraima Impressions WMV Format

6,2 MB

Preview Roraima Trek Impressions
Video Clip:
Angel Fall & Canaima Impressions WMV Format

7 MB

Preview Angel Falls and Canaima Impressions
Video Clip:
Roraima Trek WMV Format

9,5 MB

Preview Roraima Trek
Video Clip:
Chirikayen Trek WMV Format

8,5 MB

Preview Chirikuayen Trek
Video Clip:

Lost World
El Pauji

WMV Format

4 MB

Preview Lost World - El Pauji
Video Clip:
Lost World
WMV Format

9 MB

Preview Lost World - Mantopai
Video Clip:

Lost World
Gran Sabana

WMV Format

7,5 MB

Preview Lost World - Gran Sabana
Video Clip:


WMV Format

8,7 MB

Preview Orinoco Amazonas
Video Clip:

VOX - Wolkenlos
Gran Sabana

WMV Format

14 MB

Preview VOX Video Gran Sabana
Video Clip:


WMV Format

4,5 MB

Preview Kavac
Video Clip:

Yanomami Expedition

WMV Format

7,7 MB

Preview Yanomami Expedition



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