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Trekking | Roraima

Roraima is one of the best trekking trips in Latin America or even world wide. Trek to the lost world to receive incredible views and meet another world with 70% of endemic lifestyle. This is unique in the world.

Day 1:

In the morning we leave Santa Elena for a 2 hours drive to the last Indian Village before Roraima. Paraitepuy is 1600 m above sea level and will be our starting point for the trekking to the Lost World. We will walk about 5 hours through open savannah before reaching the Kukenan Camp at a height of 1050m. We need to cross two rivers, which can be tricky because the Kukenan River grows after rainfall to a respectful stream. Our experienced guides will help with the first adventure crossing the river.

Day 2:

After a good breakfast we start a five-hour walk to the Base camp, which is 1870m above sea level. The walk also requires 2 hours uphill walking. On our way we will cross smooth hills in the savannah and beautiful landscapes covered with orchids and carnivores. In the afternoon we will reach the Base camp.

Day 3:

After having breakfast in the camp we start off to the tough part of the day: a 2-hour steep hike in the jungle. Afterwards we will be exhausted but amazed by the beauty and the overwhelming number of bromeliads, ferns and other rare plants. Finally we can touch the wall of the Roraima Mountain and a small waterfall will bring us our much needed refreshment! From there we need another hour to ninety minutes to reach the top, which is 2700 meters above sea level. The path leads us through the jungle and over stones of different forms and shapes. Stones looking like sea turtles or dragonheads welcome you finally at the top. A light lunch will be served at the camp. Now we have the whole afternoon for discovering the closer area around the camp. The evening will end with a delicious meal served by our guides.

Day 4:

The whole day we will discover the mystical top of the Roraima and feel the magic related to the mountain. We will find thousands of faces and sculptures in bizarre stone formations, some might remind us of lizards or Fidel Castro, others will seem to us like fantasy creatures or fairy tale witches. We will be amazed by the valley of crystals and the fantastic view from the top of Roraima to the valley. When the fog rises up the mountain we can feel the mystery. And do not be surprised when you feel like you are walking on the moon because the surface looks just alike. A light lunch will be given on the way and a delicious meal will be served at the camp in the evening.

Day 5:

In the morning we will have a last chance to take some pictures before you descend the mountain again to reach the campsite at Rio Tök. Today we have to walk about 7 hours downhill that means from 2700m down to 1050m above sea level. Shortly before the camp we have to cross the two rivers from the first day again. A light lunch is given on the way and at the camp there will be served a warm meal. At the end of the day we can enjoy a great swim in the river with a fabulous view to the Kukenan and Roraima mountains.

Day 6:

After the last four hours of walking we will reach the Indian village Paraitepuy again. Please watch out! Every tourist is searched for crystals by the park rangers. The crystals are a lot more beautiful on the top of Roraima then in your apartment at home! Our Toyotas are already waiting for us with cold drinks and lunch. After lunch we go back to Santa Elena. In agreement of the group there is a short stop at the Quebrada de Jaspe with its brilliant red shining Jaspe stones.


Photos... (You will find more photos in our Photo Gallery)

Roraima Roraima
Roraima Roraima
Roraima Roraima
Roraima 6 day trekking tour to the 'lost world'
Key information:
Number of days: 6 days
Price for 2 persons 540,- EUR
Price for 3 persons 495- EUR
Price for 4 persons 299,- EUR
Level of difficulty:
(1 = easy  5=difficult)
The sleeping bags and ground mats can be rented for 20.-euros. 


The day before there is a meeting at 17:00pm o´clock.


What's included:
Transfer from Santa Elena to Paraitepuy and then back.
Professional guide, bilingual
Tents (2 persons per tent)
5x breakfast, 6x light lunch and 5x full dinner
Porters for tents, food and cooking gear
transportable toilet
Communication on the way (Spot)
First aid kit
What to bring:

Good walking shoes, with thick socks
a sun hat, sun cream
a bottle for water
short or light trousers for the hike
insect repellent for dawn
at least three film rolls with 36 pictures each
some sweets
enough cigarettes if you smoke (but keep the filters with you, don't throw them away!)

How to get to Santa Elena:

Daily plane from Ciudad Bolivar to Santa Elena by Rutaca (80euros one way).
Bus connection from Caracas (22h), Ciudad Bolivar (9h) and Puerto Ordaz (8h). We recommend the comfortable busses from Expresos OccidenteLos Llanos and Caribe. If not available you can also use "Turgar" or "San Cristobal".

Other info:

We also provide a pick up service or assistance at the international airport in Caracas or Porlamar (Isla de Margarita).

Furthermore we have printable travel brochures for you.

A special Roraima Trek Information is also available.

Recommended books:

Recommended Travel map from Int. Travel maps,, ISBN 0-921-46359-6

Guidebooks from Lonely planet, Footprint or Bradt Travel Guide

"into the heart" an Amazon love story from Kenneth Good ISBN 0-241-12792-0. One of the most fascinating books I read over a anthropologist who felt in love with a Yanomami woman in the unexplored Amazon jungle. Read it!!!

"The lost world", Arthur Conan Doyle, ISBN 0-812-97213-9


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