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Expedition | Yanomami

The Yanomami tribe is one of the last primitive living Indians on our planet. The population is about 20.000 people. 12.000 in Venezuela and ca. 8.000 Indians in Brazil.
In Venezuela lives the main part of the Yanomami tribe in the national park Parima Tapirapeco. This park is the biggest from Venezuela with a superficies from 34.000Km² !
Some of the Yanomamis left the national park to live closer to missioners or to smaller communities.

We are visiting the Yanomami tribe at the Siapa river or at the Casiqiare river (the Casiqiare connects the both river systems from Orinoco and Amazon!!).

Also we organize extremer Expeditions to the Ocamo river where almost nobody goes to.

Expeditions to the Siapa and Casiqiare take about 1-2 weeks,
Expeditions to the Ocamo river takes 2-3 weeks.

Expedition schedule:

Arrival in Puerto Ayacucho.
Meeting to discuss the expedition to the Yanomami tribe.  Guide of the expedition speaks English, German and Spanish.

Transport per boat with a motor of 40 PS and a motor as reserve with 25PS. Depending on the rivers take we also a second boat to pass safely strong rapids. Overnight in hammocks on beaches (just during the dry season), in the jungle or in Indian villages and shabonos. We will confront the Indians with many respect and very devote. We do not take any pictures until we get the permission from them. We will pass over gifts to the Indian chief and also to the people we will take photos from.
We stay for x days with the Yanomamis and join them for fishing and hunting trips and get a clue from their very fascinating culture.
Then we return to Puerto Ayacucho.

The Yanomami expedition to the Ocamo river is oriented for adventurous people with experience in the jungle. Rain, mosquito, heat and missing comfort are demanding facts on this expedition!

We need to get a permission from the state to visit the Yanomami tribe. For this reason do we need a copy of your passport 2 month before the expedition starts and 50% deposit to our account in Venezuela.

The expeditions at the Siapa and Casiqiare river are for any person without jungle experience.
For the Expeditions to the Siapa and Casiqiare do we need your passport copy and your deposit 2 weeks before the Expedition.


Photos... (You will find more photos in our Photo Gallery)

Yanomami Yanomami
Yanomami Yanomami
Yanomami Yanomami
Yanomami 12 day jungle expedition to natives
Key information:
Number of days: 16 days
Price per person: 2-4 2457,- EUR
Level of difficulty:
(1=easy  5=difficult)
Minimum 4 persons required

What's included:
Transportation to the jungle
Professional Tour guide, bilingual
Excursions as listed
What to bring:

insect repellent
sun protection
swim wear
light clothing
good walking shoes
pocket knife

gifts for the Yanomami

How to get to Puerto Ayacucho:

To Puerto Ayacucho do Conviasa fly daily. (145,- $US one way). From the most bigger cities there are also comfortable busses. (Caracas - Puerto Ayachucho about 20h) We recommend the busses of Expresos Occidente, Los Llanos and Caribe. If not available you can also use "Turgar" or "San Cristobal".

Other info:

This trip is a real adventure trip without comfort. We don't know any other company who offers Expedition in this region. The Yanomamis are very primitive. We recommend this trip to the Ocamo river mainly to travelers with jungle experience!!

We also provide a pick up service or assistance at the international airport in Caracas or Porlamar (Isla de Margarita).

Furthermore we have printable travel brochures for you.

Recommended books:

Recommended Travel map from Int. Travel maps,, ISBN 0-921-46359-6

Guidebooks from Lonely planet, Footprint or Bradt Travel Guide

"into the heart" an Amazon love story from Kenneth Good ISBN 0-241-12792-0. One of the most fascinating books I read over a anthropologist who felt in love with a Yanomami woman in the unexplored Amazon jungle. Read it!!!

"The lost world", Arthur Conan Doyle, ISBN 0-812-97213-9


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