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Trekking | Auyán Tepui

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The Auyan Tepui is the origin of the famous Angel Falls. This flat-top mountain is the biggest mountain in the Gran Sabana.
This tour starts in Ciudad Bolivar or Santa Elena.

Day 1: (3-4 hours trekking)

We start at 7:30 in the morning in Ciudad Bolivar with a small plane. On the way to the Auyan Tepuy we see the "Cerro Bolívar", one of the largest iron ore mines in the world, which differs with its red color from the surrounding green of the jungle. A short time later we the border of the Guri lake. It is the 8th largest manmade lake in the world.
After passing some smaller flat-top mountains we are in the Canaima National Park. In front of us rises the huge wall of the Auyan Tepui.
If weather permitting we fly along the tepuis east wall until we reach the devils canyon. This huge Canyon swallows us and we follow the Churun river until the Angel Falls come in sight. These falls are the highest waterfalls in the world with almost 1000 meter free fall. At mid day we touchdown we are in Uruyen at the beginning of the trek.
Until the light lunch we have some time to go swimming and in the meantime the luggage and food for 7 days is spitted between the porters. We start with the trek in direction to Guayaraca, the camp on the first step of the mountain. Already here we see the difference in the vegetation of the "lower Savannah" and the higher regions of the mountains. We reach the camp at about 5 pm.

Day 2: (6-7 hours trekking)

After breakfast we go to "high Savannah" and before the sun burns to much we reach the shadow of the middle rain forest. We stay in this quiet forest until the second terrace where the vegetation suddenly changes to the mystic "cloud forest" and we walk for a short while in direct sunlight. The bid wall of Auyan Tepuis comes closer and we meet the first member of endemic flat-top mountain plants. The path is not anymore easy to see and wet roots are a little bit tricky. At about 3-4 pm we reach the "El Peñon" Camp, which is just an overhanging rock.

Day 3: (6-7 hours trekking)

During morning in "El Peñon" at about 1600 meter height we look down to a ocean of clouds. With the heat the clouds rising until a level "El Libertador" called where we enter the flat-top mountain. After just 90 minutes walking we reach the Paloma wall which disappears in the clouds. We take a little break and start the tough part of the trek. On five places we need ropes to big rocks without any hold for the hands. The vegetation is incredible during the 90 minutes travel though the younger time of our planet. Arriving on top the landscape is completely different. Weather permitting we take our lunch next to the abyss at Pico Libertador.
From here it is just three hours and two ropes until we reach at about 5 pm "El Oso", a welcoming overhanging rock. This is our camp for 3 nights. Nearby is a beautiful cascade of waterfalls inviting to bath.

Day 4: (3 hours trekking)

This morning is for relaxing, cleaning clothes and hopefully drying them. After lunch we have a lot of time for orchids and much more flora. Detailed explanations inclusive.

Day 5: (6-7 hours trekking)

After breakfast we are on the way to "Campo Lecho" after the big curve of the Churun river. For this we trek through the rocky scenery of Auyan Tepui with black rocks, small islands of only here living plants. There is no visible end of the high plateau and all rivers are called "Churun". The reason is explained by our guide when he tells the Indian tales. We leave the plains and enter a green heaven of rain forest explaining the need of the river. After a walk we take our lunch at a charmed place on the curve of  the Churun river. We can go swimming and jump from the rocks into the clear red shining water. Path permitting we go to a place where the river disappears for 300 meter in the rocks and comes boiling back to the surface. Now it is time to turn around to reach the "El Oso" camp at about 4 pm.

Day 6: (7-8 hours trekking)

Today we leave the camp as early as possible to the way down and we just stop at "El Peñon" for lunch. It is a long walk but just downhill and we walk with care. At about 6 pm we are back in Guyayaraca.

Day 7: (6 hours trekking)

The last part of the trek starts after breakfast. Until now we saw Kavac only as the birds do, but at 3 pm we arrive and get cold drinks! After our 7 day adventure we sit again on tables and enjoy the famous Kavac chicken barbecue. The overnight stay here is in hammocks.

Day 8: (2 hours trekking)

Until the plane takes us back to Ciudad Bolívar we use the time to visit the famous Canyon of Kavac. Our cameras are wrapped in plastic bags and we swim through the narrow canyon to a place to a cave like opening with an impressive water fall. After this excursion our plane is ready to take off and we say good bye to Auyan Tepui.


Photos... (You will find more photos in our Photo Gallery)

Plane start to Auyan Tepui Kavac Valley
Auyan Tepui stone formation / Gesteinsformationen Auyan Tepuy
Auyan Tepui waterfall / Wasserfall Auyan Tepui Devil's Canyon / die Teufelsschlucht
Auyan Tepui
Key information:
Number of days: 8
Price per persons 2 or 3: 2.550,- EUR
Price per persons 4 or more: 1.780,- EUR
Level of difficulty:
(1 = easy  5=difficult)
Minimum 2 persons required.
6-8 hours trekking per day!

What's included:
7x breakfast, 8x lunch, 7x dinner
Excursions as listed
Professional bilingual and responsible guide Guide
All meals
One tent for each 2 persons
Airfare from Ciudad Bolívar and back
A personal porter costs additional 20 EUR per day. He will carry up to 15 kg.
What to bring:

Insect repellent, sun protection, hat, swim wear, light clothing, good walking shoes, flashlight and your passport.

How to get to Ciudad Bolivar:

Rutaca 航空会社でカラカスから飛行 (片道US$80)。

Expresos Occidente, Los Llanos、または Caribe 社のバスをご利用ください。交通時間はご覧通りです:

Other info:


Recommended books:

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Guidebooks from Lonely planet, Footprint or Bradt Travel Guide

"into the heart" an Amazon love story from Kenneth Good ISBN 0-241-12792-0. One of the most fascinating books I read over a anthropologist who felt in love with a Yanomami woman in the unexplored Amazon jungle. Read it!!!

"The lost world", Arthur Conan Doyle, ISBN 0-812-97213-9

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