Auyan Tepuy / 13 days tour


The 2,450 meter high Auyan Tepuy is the largest table mountain on earth with an area of 740 km2. Rainwater collects on its plateau and forms the nearly 1,000-meter-high Angel Fall, the highest waterfall in the world. The Auyan Tepuy table mountain is located in the heart of the Gran Sabana and can only be reached by plane.
The 12 days trekking tour starts and ends in the Indian village Kavac.
Due to its remote location, Auyan Tepuy is rarely climbed and therefore it is very unlikely to meet other hikers. After three days you reach the high plateau and the view of the surrounding landscape is breathtaking. Especially when you stand above the clouds and the neighboring plateaus penetrate through the cloud cover and look like islands from long ago.

On the high plateau it goes another four days through partly very rough terrain until you reach the Angel Fall. The Churun River, shimmering in gold and red, offers excellent refreshment opportunities and fantastic photo opportunities!

On the trek, the vegetation and panoramic views never fail to impress. The highlight is, of course, when you stand at the top of the Angelfall and enjoy the view of the Devil’s Gorge.

In total, about 120KM of walking will be done in the 12 days of the tour. Every day is a real challenge.

The Auyan-Tepuy trekking tour is the most conditionally demanding tour in our program and therefore only suitable for sporty trekking enthusiasts.



12 days
TOURBEGINN 7:00 am in Santa Elena o Cd Bolivar
TOUR END 16:00 h in Santa Elena o Cd Bolivar
Equipment Lightweight, quick-drying clothing
Insect screen
Rain jacket
Sturdy hiking boots and light trekking sandals
Trekking socks
Warm clothes
Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
Comfortable backpack
INCLUSIVE Transport Posada to the airport and back
All meals on the tour
Complete camping equipment
Carrier for the provisions
Airport tax 5,00€
National park fee 10,00€
Alcoholic beverages
Sleeping bag
Camping mat


Minimum participants: from 3 persons


Price on request



Day 1: Flight from Cd. Bolivar, Pto Ordaz or Sta Elena to the beautiful Indian settlement Kavac

Flight from Cd. Bolivar, Pto Ordaz or Sta Elena to the beautiful Indian settlement Kavac. Visit of the Kavac Cave and organizing the porters. Overnight stay, dinner and breakfast in Kavac in nice rooms.

Day 2: Kavac to Camp Guayaraca

You walk about 3 hours through the savannah with little shade until you reach the first ascent. Going up about 60 minutes to reach the river Okaine. Afterwards 60 minutes ascending through savannah and rock until we reach the first camp at the river.

Day 3: Camp Guayaraca to Camp Penon

After the breakfast we walk about 60 minutes through a Savanna until we reach a forest area. In this forest it is about 3 hours uphill. Many fallen trees complicate the way because these must be bypassed by the thicket or you just climb over it. A light, cold lunch is served at “El Danto”, followed by another 30 minutes uphill, to a viewpoint in the savannah. From there again 90 minutes until we reach Camp Penon.

Day 4: Camp Penon to Camp El Oso (on the high plateau)

After 90 minutes ascent, mostly over rough root plant of trees we reach El Arenal, the wall of Auyan Tepuy. From there again 90 minutes until we reach the plateau “El Libertador”. You have to climb over rocks and cross 5 ropes. The ropes are fixed and usually only 10 to 20 meters high. A fantastic landscape of rugged rock formations and ridge towers as well as beautiful bromeliads. On the plateau we enjoy our light lunch. Now follow the high plateau 90 minutes hike to the river Naranjo and then again 60 minutes to Camp El Oso.

Day 5: Camp Penon to Camp Tragon

The first 90 minute hike up to the “Burrito” rock is quite easy and you get the impression of a lunar landscape with bizarre rock formations. Then follow another 90 minutes through the forest and you have to go back over a lot of roots and rocks until we reach Camp Helecho. The Churun River offers a very welcome and refreshing bath at Camp Helecho. After lunch we will continue for 90 minutes until we reach camp “El Tragon”. The river disappears at the Tragon (big gulp) underground and appears again 100m downstream on the surface.

Day 6: Camp Tragon to Camp Estacion

After the breakfast we walk about 15 minutes along the river until we reach the second wall of the Auyan. This climb takes about 60 minutes and you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views of the Rio Churun. Then follows the most unpleasant stage of the hike, about 3 hours of swampy ground. Here one has to fight through the mud. Sometimes one sinks to the nodules, but sometimes even to the knees. Very hard and tiring! In the end you will be rewarded with a refreshing bath in the Rio Neblina. The Tanin in the rivers is responsible for the unique red water coloring. A unique bathing experience that gives new powers again. There are two more hours to go through the roots and the swamp until you reach the river Callao. After another 90 minutes halfway normal way we reach the camp “La Estacion”.

Day 7: La Estacion - Salto Angel

Walk through gentle hilly woodlands for the first 2 hours and then follow another 2 hours through mud, forest and light root until we reach the river Kerepa. Here the lunch is served and the refreshing river water gives you back strength. However, the last 2 hours are again extremely hard. This part resembles an obstacle course over large pronounced roots which block the way. Climbing until pleasure passes (hopefully not). Then another 30 minutes easier muddy way and the Camp Salto Angel is reached. You put the things off, refresh yourself briefly and then goes again 30 minutes to the Angel Falls! When the clouds and the mist release the waterfall, you experience a unique feeling of happiness. The famous view of Angel Falls down into the Devil’s Canyon is breath taking!

Day 8: Salto Angel - La Estacion

At the sunrise you go once again to Angel Falls and enjoy the sight once more. In the camp the breakfast is prepared and then the return march begins. If you have the necessary small money you can also gladly picked up here from the helicopter. This can be organized! If you do not want to have again 6 hours to the camp “La Estacion” in front of you.

Day 9: La Estacion to Camp Helecho

Returning for aprox. 7 hours

Day 10: Camp Helecho to El Libertador or El Penon

Returning for aprox. 7 to 8 hours

Day 11: El Libertador or Penon to Guayaraca

Returning for aprox. 5 to 6 hours

Day 12: Guayaraca to Kavac

Returning for aprox. 7 hours. In Kavac you can enjoy one of the best showers of the year :). Overnight and dinner in Kavac.

Day 13: Returning flight to the civilization.