The Chirikayen Table Mountain

Experience in only four days the fascinating world of the table mountains, the so-called


You will walk through the savannah interspersed with moriche palms. Looking steadily at the Chirikayen Table Mountain, also called the “Sleeping Indian”. An extraordinary endemic flora awaits you on the plateau. Carnivorous plants and rare orchids that fascinate even “non-botanists”. Since the Chirikayen trail is not as busy as the one of Roraima Table Mountain, you can often meet a deer or an anteater here.
The view from the plateau onto the savannah and across the rainforest, as well as onto the neighboring table mountains, is breathtaking. Especially if you hike above the cloud cover, you can only see the tops of the neighboring mesas piercing the cloud cover. Here then is captured by the magic of the mesas and only then understands why they are also called “islands in time”. They also see ancient Indian rock paintings. You refresh yourself at waterfalls, rivers and hidden bathing places. At the end of the tour we will visit and explore the “Tiger’s Cave”.


4 days
TOURSTART 10:00 am in Santa Elena de Uairén
TOUR END 16:00 h in Santa Elena de Uairén
Insect repellent
Rain jacket
Trekking socks
Warm clothes
Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
Comfortable backpack
Sturdy hiking boots and light trekking sandals
Tour guide
First aid (BASIC)
Satellite phone or spot for emergencies
Carrier for provisions and equipment
Tents (Hilleberg brand)
3x dinner
4x lunch
3x breakfast
Non alcoholic beverages
Two participants per tent
Alcoholic beverages
Sleeping bag
Camping mat
Personal carrier
Single tent

Minimum participants: from 4 persons

Chirikayen Tepui / 4 Days Trekking Tour


Day 1

Around 9:00h we drive about 90 minutes to the Indian village of Chirikayen. After a short preparation we start from there our hike through the savannah direction Base Camp of the Chirikayen. “Chirika” means in the language of the pemons “parrot” and “yen” means “place”. This name has the mountain the many small parrots owing to the nest in the steep wall. The walk through the savannah takes about 4.5 hours and we camp directly next to a river and enjoy a refreshing bath. Afterwards the dinner is served.

Day 2

After breakfast, we start with our luggage towards high plateau. After 1 hour we leave the main baggage. It will be brought from there by porters to our next camp. With light luggage we now climb the plateau. The view from there is spectacular. Orchids and carnivorous plants line the path. Since the Chirikayen is not as famous as the Roraima trek, you can hardly see other tourists and the chance to see an anteater, a roe deer or a tapir are much higher than the Roraima trek. A light lunch is served and at its feet is the fascinating savannah and a jungle landscape. The vultures are often observed here as they take advantage of all the thermals and float through the air without the help of thermals. After we have photographed countless motifs, we go down another path into the savannah. The descent takes about 2.5 hours. Just before we reach the camp we find a large rock with primitive Indian rock paintings. The campsite has a small lagoon where we can refresh ourselves.

Day 3

After breakfast, we cross a savanna landscape covered with Moriche palm trees, as well as the primary rainforest, until we reach the river and the waterfall “Wara”. There we serve the lunch while you lie relaxed in the river or under the waterfall. We have enough time to enjoy the afternoon as the nearby camp is only 45 minutes away.

Day 4: Salto Wara –“Tiger Cave” – Santa Elena

Around 08:00 we continue our hike. The varied scenery again offers many great photographs. After about 3 hours we reach the most beautiful natural pool of the tour under a small waterfall. The water shimmers in bluish and greenish colors. While our team is preparing lunch, you can refresh yourself in this pool. After the lunch, everything is packed again and we go only 45 minutes to explore the cave “El Tigre”. Afterwards we hike to an Indian settlement and are then taken back to Santa Elena.

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