Expedition Yanomani / The Humboldt Route / 13 days



The Yanomamis are one of the last primitive Indian tribes on our planet. There are still about 20,000 of them. Of these, about 12,000 live on Venezuelan soil and about 8,000 on Brazilian soil. In Venezuela, the main population lives in the Parima Tapirapeco National Park. This national park is the largest in Venezuela, with over 34,000 km²! Some Yanomamis have already left the park and live a little closer to mission stations or near jungle settlements.

Since we have to apply for the permits from the “Indian Protection Board”, we need the copies of the passport of the expedition members and a deposit of 50% at least 4 weeks before the start of the expedition.


13 days
EXPEDITION START 7:00 am in Pto Ayacucho
EXPEDITION END 15:00 in Pto Ayacucho
Light clothing
Insect screen
Rain jacket
Light hiking boots
Trekking sandals
Travel bag
Warm clothes
Tour guide
Boat trip with experienced expedition leader
13x lunch
12x dinner
12x breakfast
Boat transfer
All excursions mentioned
Non-alcoholic beverages during the rides
Overnight stay in simple but clean accommodations with Indian families, partly in hammocks.
Alcoholic beverages
Drinks in the accommodations and restaurants

Minimum participants: from 3 persons

Expedition Yanomani / Die Humboldt Route / 13 Tage

Expedition Yanomani / The Humboldt Route / 13 Days


Day 1: Flight and aprox. 4 hours boat trip

Flight from Pto Ayacucho t Esmeralda in a small 5 seat Cessna. After checking passports and permission with the National Guard, we load our boat and start our expedition to the Yanomamis. We drive the Casiquiare river for 4 hours and have the first impression of the Amazon primary rainforest and also see rock paintings from the pre-Columbian period. We stay in tents on a fine sand beach. Here we will fish some Piranhas for the dinner and prepare these at the camp fire.

Day 2: aprox. 8 hours boat trip

After breakfast we continue on the Casiquare River. The Casiquare is the only river connection between the huge river systems of the Amazon and Orinoco. In the afternoon we reach the largest and most beautiful lagoon in the region, the Pasiba Lagoon.

Day 3: aprox. 6 hours boat trip

Today we reach the first settlement of the Yanomamis in the afternoon. The Yanomami live very isolated, according to their own rituals and culture. We stay overnight in this settlement and get a first impression in their fascinating culture.

Day 4: aprox. 10 hours boat trip

Today we reach the Pasimoni River. This is the main stream where various Yanomamis settled in different villages and shabonos. In the afternoon we reach the settlement Pueblo Viejo and stay overnight again with the Indians.

Day 5 and 6: Expedition destination Yanomami

These two days are to get an insight into the Indian culture. The life style of the village community in its typical Shabono, types of hunting and rituals of the medicine man. The use of natural drug Joop and much more will make your stay a unique experience.
It is very important to follow the instructions of the tour guide. Never take pictures before negotiating with the Yanomamis. These negotiations are an extremely important and interesting part of our visit.

Day 7: aprox. 8 hours boat trip

Today we will drive back towards Casiquiare River. We stay overnight in the Indian settlement of Curripaca.

Day 8: aprox. 5 hours boat trip

Today we reach the Casiquiare again and experience a walk through the natural monument Kurimacare. From a high rock we enjoy the view of the confluence of the Casiquiare with the Guainia River, a connection to the Rio Negro. The Rio Negro is the border line between Venezuela and Colombia. Today we stay in San Carlos de Rio Negro, a larger village where different Indian tribes live together. Overnight stay in a small simple but clean guesthouse.

Day 9: aprox. 8 hours boat trip

Today our journey starts back towards Puerto Ayacucho. We drive on the Rio Negro to the “capital” Maroa, the district of the same name. Maroa is located at the Guainia River.

Day 10: aprox. 3 hours land transfer and 4 hours boat trip

Today the equipment and the boat are transported over land, 30 km to Yavita. On this day we continue to the river Temi, where we spend the night.

Day 11: ca. 4 Std. Bootstransport

aprox. 6 hours boat trip.

Day 12: aprox. 4 hours boat trip

Today we reach Samariapo and drive overland to to Puerto Ayacucho.

Day 13: Extra day

We always plan an extra day, if something unforeseen should happen. If everything goes according to plan, we have a free day in Pto Ayacucho.
On these expeditions, changes can occur without changing the character of the expedition.

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